Season 3

February 20, 2024x
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Navigating High-Conflict Divorce with Rachel Snow

Discover the tools to navigate the stormy waters of high-conflict divorces and post-separation abuse alongside Rachel Snow, a seasoned divorce and custody coach who has personally weathered a 13-year...

February 13, 2024x
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Understanding Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics and How to Recover from the Hurt

In this episode, wedives deep into the complex world of narcissistic manipulation, shining a light on the subtle yet destructive tactics used by narcissists to control and undermine their victims. Fr...

February 01, 2024x
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BONUS: February 2024 Relationship Energy Forecast - Surprise, Surprise: LOVE is in the Air!

In this episode, I share the February 2024 Relationship Energy Forecast! Take a listen to hear all about the energetic themes in this upcoming month and how you can play in these energies to further ...

January 23, 2024x
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Understanding the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle and Why You May Be Trauma-Bonded

Discover the hidden mechanics of the narcissistic relationship cycle and arm yourself with the knowledge to break free. If you're feeling trapped in a fast-spinning vortex of emotional highs and...