December 05, 2023x
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Reflecting, Forgiving, Healing: Tools to Embrace a Brighter 2024

Are you ready to embrace the new year with a clean slate and a refreshed sense of self? This episode of Stepping Into Meaningful Relationships is just the ticket. We uncover the transformative practi...

November 28, 2023x
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Intuitive Insights - 2023 in Review, What to Expect in December and a Collective Message for 2024

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling that turned out to be spot on? What if I told you that this is your intuition speaking to you, a natural ability we all possess and can tap into? Join me as we...

November 21, 2023x
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Embracing Vulnerability and Accepting Support: You Are Not a Burden

This episode is all about embracing vulnerability, learning how to accept support and reversing the belief that you are a burden!  In this episode, I share some personal stories that have shaped my j...

November 14, 2023x
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Boundaries: Redefining Relationships, Empowering Yourself, and Finding True Connection

Are you tired of feeling drained and unappreciated in your relationships? Imagine what life would be like if you could confidently establish boundaries that work for you. Today's episode is a li...

November 07, 2023x
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From Heartbreak to Healing: How to Overcome Grief and Find Joy with Aypril Porter

Have you ever wondered about the unspoken losses we endure throughout our lives? It's time to lift the curtain on these subtle yet significant instances of grief that color our experiences. Join...

October 31, 2023x
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Discover the Hidden Conflict Styles That Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationships with Chelsey Liaga

What if your relationships could be less about conflict and more about meaningful connection? That’s the tantalizing prospect we explore with my guest, the insightful Chelsea Liaga – a former teacher...

October 26, 2023x
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BONUS: From Fear to Freedom: Understanding Triggers and Boundaries in Unhealthy Relationships

In this BONUS episode, I share the big ah-ha moment I had where my people pleasing tendencies showed up and how it caught me by surprise. My people-pleaser part had been holding me back from sharing ...

October 24, 2023x
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The Shocking Truth About People Pleasing and How to Overcome It

Ever find yourself bending over backwards to keep everyone else happy, only to realize that you're the one feeling miserable?  In this episode, we dive deep into the world of people-pleasing and...

October 17, 2023x
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Cultivating Peace Amidst Emotional Overwhelm and Global Tragedy

Imagine navigating life's tumultuous times with an inner peace that radiates outward, transforming your relationships and sparking a ripple effect that could contribute to global harmony. This i...