Understanding the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle and Why You May Be Trauma-Bonded
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Understanding the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle and Why You May Be Trauma-Bonded

Discover the hidden mechanics of the narcissistic relationship cycle and arm yourself with the knowledge to break free.

If you're feeling trapped in a fast-spinning vortex of emotional highs and crushing lows, this in-depth examination pulls back the curtain on the complexities of trauma bonding and manipulation.

We start off exploring the love bombing phase, where the deceptive charm of a narcissist reels you in, setting the stage for a harrowing journey through devaluation and control. I'll guide you through recognizing these patterns and the subtle differences between overt and covert narcissists, providing you a roadmap to healthier, more balanced relationships.

As we move forward, I’ll walk you through the precarious end of the narcissistic dance—the fear, the blame-shifting, and the tug-of-war over personal power. For those entangled in the web of a narcissist, especially within the confines of marriage and parenthood, the path to liberation is fraught with challenges.

But hope is not lost; this conversation is a catalyst for embracing self-love and initiating the essential inner work to reclaim your worth.

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Corissa is a Somatic Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach™ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist ™ who empowers women after they’ve endured narcissist trauma to rediscover who they are, reclaim their power and find the clarity and courage to move forward and live a life they love. Corissa is also a recovering people-pleaser and codependent who has endured way too many narcissistic relationships to count! She coaches not only from her knowledge and training but also from the wisdom she has gained from her own healing journey.

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