The 12 Internal Red Flags that You're in a Narcissistic Relationship
Stepping into Meaningful RelationshipsJanuary 09, 2024x
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The 12 Internal Red Flags that You're in a Narcissistic Relationship

Are certain dynamics in your relationships leaving you drained or questioning your own sanity? Are you wondering if you are in a narcissistic relationship? Let's dive in! together.

 In our latest heart-to-heart, I peel back the layers on those unsettling feelings we often brush aside, tackling the signs that point to unhealthy and narcissistic partnerships.

 This episode is not so much about your partner's behavior, but rather focuses more on how YOU are feeling in the relationship to help you figure out if you are in an unhealthy relationship. 

It's not about casting blame but rather, embracing the subtle signals our emotions send us. From the exhaustion that lingers to the doubts that cloud our reality, each internal red flag is a guidepost on the journey to understanding if we are in a relationship with a toxic partner or not.

This episode is about reclaiming the power and trust that should be the cornerstone of every relationship. As we traverse the complexities of emotional responses and the importance of boundaries, we realize how critical it is to listen to our inner voice. 

It's a conversation that digs into why we might rationalize a partner's harmful actions or why we lose a piece of ourselves in the process. By shining a light on these patterns, I hope to empower you to enforce your boundaries and reclaim your self-trust, laying the groundwork for open, balanced, and healthy relationships.

We wrap up with a candid talk about the steps to take when a relationship turns toxic. I introduce resources like the StrongHER group program and one-on-one coaching, designed to offer support and guidance for those feeling stuck in overpowering dynamics. 

Whether you're dealing with financial ties, family obligations, or an eroded sense of self, remember that your well-being is worth fighting for. It's time to make empowered choices that prioritize your healing and lead you toward the fulfilling relationships you deserve.

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Corissa is a Somatic Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach™ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist ™ who empowers women after they’ve endured narcissist trauma to rediscover who they are, reclaim their power and find the clarity and courage to move forward and live a life they love. Corissa is also a recovering people-pleaser and codependent who has endured way too many narcissistic relationships to count! She coaches not only from her knowledge and training but also from the wisdom she has gained from her own healing journey.

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