Discover the Hidden Conflict Styles That Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationships with Chelsey Liaga
Stepping into Meaningful RelationshipsOctober 31, 2023x
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Discover the Hidden Conflict Styles That Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationships with Chelsey Liaga

What if your relationships could be less about conflict and more about meaningful connection? That’s the tantalizing prospect we explore with my guest, the insightful Chelsea Liaga – a former teacher, now couples therapist, and content creator. Chelsea takes us on a deep dive into the world of relationships, introducing us to three primary conflict styles and how these styles are often manifestations of our own insecurities and self-doubts.

Together, Chelsea and I untangle the complex web of communication and conflict resolution strategies that can make or break relationships. From the power of "I" statements to the significance of awareness and vulnerability, we shed light on techniques that foster understanding and empathy. We also delve into how attachment styles and trauma can influence these conflict styles and why it's essential to create an environment of emotional safety for meaningful connections.

In the final part of our discussion, we explore how our childhood experiences shape our adult conflict styles and how we can use inner child work and self-compassion to break these patterns. We also cast a discerning eye on toxic or dead-end relationships, identifying red flags and stressing the importance of feeling safe and connected. This episode is not just about understanding your conflict style but also about how you can leverage this understanding to build stronger, happier relationships. Don't miss this illuminating conversation with Chelsea Liaga!

More About Chelsey;
Chelsey Liaga is a former teacher turned couples therapist and content creator. Known as my friend, the therapist on Instagram, Chelsey shares relatable and re-searched base information to help couples create the marriage of their dreams.

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IG: @myfriend.thetherapist
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