Defining Narcissism: The 10 Types of Narcissists and How They Show Up in Relationships
Stepping into Meaningful RelationshipsJanuary 16, 2024x
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Defining Narcissism: The 10 Types of Narcissists and How They Show Up in Relationships

Embark on a voyage through the intricate landscape of narcissism as we unravel the patterns of behaviors and traits of this personality type. 

This episode isn't about pointing fingers; it’s an intimate exploration aimed at cultivating an understanding of those who wrestle with the deep scars of their past.
Prepare to dismantle the myths surrounding "narcissist" and discover the humanity lying beneath the surface. We'll spotlight the grandiose narcissist, dissect their allure, and uncover how their quest for adulation impacts their connections with the world.

As our journey progresses, we encounter the communal narcissist, cloaked in benevolence yet hungering for applause, the vulnerable narcissist who appears insecure and shy and the malignant narcissist, whose art of manipulation casts a dark shadow on their every interaction. 

Through deep discussion, we'll learn how to spot these personalities and protect our own well-being. With an eye for detail, I'll guide you through the often-overlooked facets of the somatic and cerebral narcissists and the chilling domain of the sadistic subtype, arming you with the knowledge to foster healthier relationships and personal growth. Don't forget the inverted narcissist, for which you'll have to tune in to learn more.

Closing our session, I extend a heartfelt invitation to continue the conversation beyond today's podcast. 

Your reflections and personal experiences matter, and I'm eager to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions. 

For those seeking a more tailored exploration, my one-on-one coaching offers a space for individual discovery. 

Let's keep the dialogue alive - let me know if you have any questions and which type of narcissist(s) you've encountered!

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Corissa is a Somatic Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach™ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist ™ who empowers women after they’ve endured narcissist trauma to rediscover who they are, reclaim their power and find the clarity and courage to move forward and live a life they love. Corissa is also a recovering people-pleaser and codependent who has endured way too many narcissistic relationships to count! She coaches not only from her knowledge and training but also from the wisdom she has gained from her own healing journey.

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