BONUS: From Fear to Freedom: Understanding Triggers and Boundaries in Unhealthy Relationships
Stepping into Meaningful RelationshipsOctober 26, 2023x
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BONUS: From Fear to Freedom: Understanding Triggers and Boundaries in Unhealthy Relationships

In this BONUS episode, I share the big ah-ha moment I had where my people pleasing tendencies showed up and how it caught me by surprise. My people-pleaser part had been holding me back from sharing my story and experiences with unhealthy people in my life due to an interesting paradox. Well, things are about to shift! The conversation continues from there and we dive DEEP into: 

  • Understanding the subtle ways people please can show up and how to disrupt the pattern and tendency to lean into maladaptive behavioral patterns
  • Subconscious coping mechanisms and how the need for safety and protection influences behavior in relationships
  • Overcoming fear and speaking your truth
  • How boundaries can help you avoid feeling resentment
  • Discerning who should be in your inner circle and who needs to be safely placed in your outer circle
  • Why boundaries are necessary in unhealthy relationships to keep you safe
  • Understanding the significance and challenges in setting boundaries with unsafe people
  • Techniques to safely place unhealthy people in your life in the outer circle and how to reclaim your power back

At the end, I also introduce my Empowered Boundaries Bootcamp, a five-week program designed to equip you with the tools required to set clear, healthy boundaries. This bootcamp is fortified with exercises and worksheets, and, for an additional fee, you can avail of two one-on-one sessions with me for just a smidge more. Together, we'll address any hurdles you're facing and help you to integrate your newfound skills into everyday life. 

Tune in for a jam packed episode that is intended to take you from people-pleasing to self-respecting by placing boundaries in unhealthy relationships so you can feel confident using your authentic voice. 


Corissa is a Somatic Trauma-Informed Relationship Coachâ„¢ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist â„¢ who helps women cultivate loving, fulfilling relationships by releasing their limiting beliefs and emotional triggers. She is also a recovering people pleaser, perfectionist, and codependent who guides clients through healing their inner critic, letting go of the guilt, and the tendency to give more than they have. She helps clients release the patterns that are holding them back so they can step into a more empowered, authentic, confident, and interdependent version of themselves and ultimately find a meaningful relationship that aligns with their true value and worth.

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