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The Stepping into Meaningful Relationships podcast is a relationship and self-development podcast that aims to help listeners create a stronger connection to themselves, so they can transform the relationships around them.

It is so important to have a healthy and intimate relationship with yourself because we teach others how to treat us, by the way we treat ourselves.

On this podcast, my guests and I will be sharing our stories, modalities, wisdom and experiences to help you heal, overcome and transform your pain into power so that you can feel safe showing up as YOU in your relationships. 

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December 05, 2023x
00:14:5110.23 MB

Reflecting, Forgiving, Healing: Tools to Embrace a Brighter 2024

Are you ready to embrace the new year with a clean slate and a refreshed sense of self? This episode of Stepping Into Meaningful Relationships is just the ticket. We uncover the transformative practi...

November 28, 2023x
00:37:0125.45 MB

Intuitive Insights - 2023 in Review, What to Expect in December and a Collective Message for 2024

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling that turned out to be spot on? What if I told you that this is your intuition speaking to you, a natural ability we all possess and can tap into? Join me as we...

November 21, 2023x
00:29:0019.94 MB

Embracing Vulnerability and Accepting Support: You Are Not a Burden

This episode is all about embracing vulnerability, learning how to accept support and reversing the belief that you are a burden!  In this episode, I share some personal stories that have shaped my j...


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Thank you for sharing all of this key wisdom!

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Eye opening!

Listening to this podcast has been so interesting and has opened my eyes to so many things contributing to who I am. Not only has Corissa (and her guests) given me a lot of insight into who I am and why, they have made me think about ways I can help my teenage daughter and pre-teen son avoid some of the burdens and buried emotions that could eventually cause them pain. I am a true fan!

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